Atta Ikede

July 10, 2010

Korean friend is back!

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My Korean friend came back to visit SF and she stayed with me again. I think the last time she stayed with me, we didn’t know each other that well, and I was pretty new here, so i remember the experience being a little formal. This time, it wasn’t formal at all and it was fun! I think … she’s the first visitor I had all year? Yeah, except for my dad and my brother back in April, and my friend from LA who stayed for a bit, yeah, I think so. Hmm. Anyway, she brought me this Korean pancake mix that lets you make this delicious peanut pancake creation I ate back in Korea. She also brought some kimchi instant noodles and a few other snacks. We (mainly I) feasted on all that stuff tonight. I also made some rice and an improv spinach stew to round things out. Mm! I’m in my post-dinner coma right now. I’m a bit tired out from slaving over the stove, but very full and happy. Just so you know, we had two pans going for the pancakes so managing those really does count as “slaving”!!

I’ll post a couple of photos for you!

(Regarding the peanut pancakes – it was pretty much the only street food (or any food) that I could enjoy heartily as a vegetarian in Korea. Korea isn’t very vegetarian-friendly, but between these peanut pancakes and the buddhist food and maybe a trip to the supermarket for some fruit I survived ok. All in all, much less painful than the absolute zero vegetarian love in Japan. )


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