Atta Ikede

July 12, 2010

Claudia Schiffer work out videos

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Yesterday, my friend showed me her Claudia Schiffer workout videos. They’re all really basic workouts which only require a mat and chair, because Claudia, being a jet setting model and all, needed something that she could do regardless of where she was even when she didn’t have time to go to the gym. They’re super tough though. Claudia swears by them. They’re a bit old now – I guess they were vhs tapes, but my friend has a digital version with helpful Korean subtitles. My friend said the videos definitely work and she at one point was investing 2 hours a day in them!

The videos themselves are amazing. The soundtrack is kind of a funky beat that keeps you engaged without being distracting. Claudia actually does the workout with you, which I didn’t think would be motivating, but it is! As I watched the video, I found myself first getting frustrated that she was making it look so easy, but then focusing all my attention on trying to see if she was feeling tired, and noting with satisfaction when she was. There are a few tiny instances where she’ll take a deep breath or something, and it’s like “aha! you’re human!”

I haven’t actually done the workouts yet. I’ll have you know it’s a multi-step process:

1. Get the videos. This involved finding and cleaning out my usb key. Complete!

2. Review the videos to make sure they don’t involve potentially unsafe moves or fads. Complete! Looks safe.

3. Make sure I have the proper equipment. Well, Claudia works out on a mat that looks a bit cushier than my yoga mat. At first I thought I could make do with my yoga mat, but then I started worrying it doesn’t offer adequate support so I started browsing on amazon. But then I remembered my RBC Visa card is cancelled because they found $21 of fraud on it, so then I decided I can probably live with my yoga mat for a while. Complete! The only other piece of equipment required is a wooden chair. Luckily I already have one – it’s part of the Ikea bounty I harvested from my parents house before I moved out. Yay!

4. Think about doing the exercises. Will this workout fit into my exciting, cosmopolitan lifestyle? Is Claudia a good role model for me? I thought about it on my way to work today and concluded, yes! I can do this. I googled her and it’s all good. Claudia paved the way. I will follow. Step complete!

5. Do the exercises.

So as you can see, only one step left. Hehe. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. “aha! you’re human!” hahaha

    nice! Keep me updated!

    Comment by picnic buddy — July 13, 2010 @ 6:00 am

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