Atta Ikede

August 4, 2010

Those who love to bake but not to eat

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What’s with these people who love to bake but then fob off their treats to victims in the workplace?

We have this new hire here whose roommate apparently loves to bake. Those two don’t want to eat the stuff so the new hire has been bringing the treats in to work to get rid of them. So far they’ve been in the “look good but taste weird” category. They’re bakery perfect to look at – evenly sized cookies, lovely colour — but when I bite in something’s off.

Most recently she brought in some brownie concoction that looked harmless but proved to be lethal when I swallowed. It was either salty or spicy. I don’t really remember — I’ve blocked the details from my mind. After I recovered I IM’d my coworker who, as it turned out, was also recovering from a similar problem at his desk. He didn’t know what was going on with those brownies either.

The lesson here is clearly to avoid that woman and her roommate’s suspicious baked goods.

But that aside, generally there’s definitely a problem of people who bake and then make other people eat it. Half the time I think it comes down to a weight issue — single women especially can’t eat a whole pie but may want to bake one.  (note: Obviously I don’t have that problem so I can’t relate. I only bake when I know I have somebody coming over and I’m happy to eat the leftovers on my own. Half an apple pie? Sounds great to me! )

Nowadays it’s typically more expensive to bake then it is to buy. Baking chocolate chip cookies? The butter and chocolate alone will cost more than store bought. So these bakers-but-not-eaters are spending their money and time to make something and then not enjoying it! It’s kind of sad when I think about it that way, especially when I add in the fact that I’m sure half the coworkers who eat the stuff just go back to their desk and complain about it the way I complained about the gross brownie.


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