Atta Ikede

October 20, 2010

Herbal Body Wrap

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Herbal Body Wraps are this new spa thing that seems to be really popular here. I regularly hear ads on the local pop music stations for that treatment. It’s supposed to be great for weight loss, skin rejuvination, etc. etc. Is this popular in Canada?

I don’t normally go for those things, but a friend of mine bought me a 75 minute organic herbal body wrap for my bday! She bought it from one of those Groupon clone sites and probably got a good deal. The original price for the treatment was around almost $100!

I had my treatment yesterday. It was … itchy.

I arrived at the spa on time. The receptionist directed me to a lounge, where I would wait for my “technician”.  The place had the usual spa vibe — the wooden flute music, green tea with little japanese style cups to drink from, lots of unfinished wood, and attractive, healthy looking staff all wearing those flowy spa clothes that somehow manage to show off the person’s slim figure while using twice the material of normal clothes.

My technician was late.

The treatment itself involved me being wrapped up in strips of cloth soaked in herbal liquids. The cloths were warm and wet. The technician wrapped them tightly, though not uncomfortably, around my whole body. Arms, legs, everything. Once I was mummified, she told me to lie down on a mat and rest there for 40 minutes. She wrapped me up in a sheet and a couple thermal blankets, set the timer, and left the room.

The first couple minutes were fine. The technician had placed a dry cloth over my eyes before she left. It was a bit too high though, and so I felt like it wasn’t dark enough to sleep. Experimentally, I wiggled my eyebrows to see if I could get the cloth into the right position. My technique worked. Wiggling my entire face eventually got the towel nudged to the right spot. After that I spent some time crossing and uncrossing my feet, and fretting about various issues I had on my mind. Eventually I started feeling lonely, and wondered why I’d let her set the timer for 40 minutes. Note to self! Being mummified for 40 minutes isn’t fun.

I had a eureka moment. Sure, I was mummified, but I’m stronger than the mummification! I can move! In fact, it was quite easy for me to move my arms and legs around a little. I don’t know why I wasted so long wiggling my eyebrows. I could probably have reached up and moved the towel with my own hand.

Eventually, 40 minutes was over. The technician came back and unmummified me.

I walked home.


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