Atta Ikede

December 30, 2008

Portland and Seattle…

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.. was/are GLOOMY! The sun came out today, and when I saw it, I blinked and squinted like a rat that just came out of its hole. Frankly, it wasn’t even all that sunny (there were some clouds) and it definitely wasn’t warm (it was windy and wet!). Today was the first day I’ve seen the sun since I left Cali. I realize it was only a few days ago but it feels like longer!!

People here don’t use umbrellas even though it rains so much. Why? It’s because they don’t just get rain .. they get rain plus wind gusts, which makes umbrellas useless. Totally useless.

There are lots of coffee shops here though, and there was quite a pub scene in Portland. Did you know Portland has the largest number of microbreweries per capita? Yup! It’s all very mellow and civilized.



  1. Did you know once upon a time, when I was reading too many contemporary romance novels, and not travelling enough I dreamed of moving to Seattle. I thought in my dark moods that the lack of sunshine and constant rain was the perfect environment for the hermit in me. Also any place that acts like the java capital of the world, must be meant for me right? Well shortly after that, Toronto had one of its rainiest summer. I realized after that sunshine is something to honour and respect, and that my friend was the end of my dream to move to Seattle. Happy New Year!!!! Where ever you are!

    Comment by Julie — December 30, 2008 @ 8:01 am

  2. lol Julie. I’m really glad you’re my friend.

    You are absolutely right about sunshine!

    Comment by attaikede — January 8, 2009 @ 7:12 am

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