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December 28, 2009

Under the Bridge

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Possibly the best perk about my job here is that I get to travel fairly regularly to LA. Our actual office is in possibly the most boring and fringe area of the city, and it’s not like I’m allowed to expense a rental car, but I made a couple friends there early on and so¬† what I try to do is make plans with them when I’m visiting the office there. Luckily this kind of last minute social planning works out 90% of the time, which means I get a little taste of the LA lifestyle every time I’m here.

Oh, LA. It’s fun here. Tall palms, mountains in the distance, strange winding freeways, random mansions and trailer parks on hills, haze. Everything feels slow. I like it.


December 22, 2009

Baja for Xmas

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Yes! I’m going to Baja California over the xmas long weekend. Baja is the western most state in Mexico. Originally I really wanted to go to Tijuana but there’s way too much drug violence going on there and near the border right now, so we’re gonna totally avoid all that. The plan is that I’m meeting up with my friend in LA, and then we’re driving her car down to San Diego. From there we’ll either take a bus or a rental car down to Ensenada, a lovely medium sized beach town.

This is Baja:

I’m quite excited! Going to Mexico was one of the side things I’ve had in my head ever since I moved out to California. The US border with Mexico is TOTALLY different than the one with Canada. I’m really excited to actually experience the whole Mexico thing.

Oh, btw, I just registered myself as a Canadian living abroad with the government. You should do that too if it’s relevant to you.

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